Driver harmony a benefit to the team – Bottas

Valtteri Bottas believes his position swap with Lewis Hamilton in Hungary on Sunday  reflected a harmony which benefits the Mercedes team.

After failing to mount an attack on the leading Ferrari duo Hamilton gave the third place position back to his team mate, as he had promised earlier on in the race when he asked to take a shot at challenging the red squad.

“It was a perfect example of what you can do when you have that trust, when you have that respect within teammates,” Bottas said.

“The team can really rely on both of you to try things like this. It’s only going to get better.

For all the team’s harmony, the move still cost the man best placed at Mercedes to challenge Sebastian Vettel a sure three points which ultimately could cost Hamilton the title.

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But others argue that it could also win Mercedes the title in the event that Bottas finds himself in contention for the championship if it goes down to the wire.

“We know that, for sure, it’s not easy for Lewis to give up a podium place on the last lap, but that was kind of the deal, and really respect for that.

“Not every teammate would do that, I think. That shows that Lewis is a real team player as well.”

The Finn is now as essential part of the Mercedes family, and will likely remain a member of te German team in 2018.

“For sure, having done now 11 races with the team definitely you are more part of the team than after just a couple of races,” he said.

“I’m feeling very much part of the team. The teammate relationship with have with Lewis is really good.”

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