Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger Heading Back to Bellator for Second Fight

Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger is reportedly heading back to Bellator for his second MMA fight. The news was delivered by ESPN and apparently the match will take place on May 11 at Bellator 221.

Swagger, real name Jake Hager, fought JW Kiser on January 26 and scored the win after 2:09 into the first round. Swagger’s quick victory proved that he was well prepared for the fight. But it also proved just how committed he is to his new MMA career.

But unlike Brock Lesnar and CM Punk before him, Swagger has embraced every aspect of his pro wrestling career. Swagger continues to use his “We the People” catchphrase and he often uses it on social media as well. He even enlisted the help of a current WWE Superstar, R-Truth to come in and perform his entrance  music.

There has been no word on if or when he’s planning on returning to WWE. In the meantime, he’s definitely continuing on as a fighter in Bellator.


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