Impact Wrestling Results (10/18): The Final Road to Bound for Glory

Impact Wrestling Results
October 18, 2019

The opening video package was all about the rivalry between Impact World Champion Brian Cage and Sami Callihan heading into their title match at Bound for Glory this weekend.

1) MICHAEL ELGIN def. FALLAH BAHH. Solid big-man match. Elgin ended up getting the win after attacking Bahh on the ropes while he was going for the Banzai Drop, and using the ropes to set up the Elgin Bomb.

After the match Elgin sent a pretty clear message to Naomichi Marufuji. He called out the Noah ace before attacking TJP and drilling him with a DDT out on the floor. That wasn’t enough of a message, so he threw him back into the ring, hit the Buckle Bomb and the Elgin Bomb.

2) JAKE CRIST def. CHRIS BEY. The title wasn’t on the line. Crist won the match with his diving cutter off the top rope.

Ace Austin is backstage talking to Alisha Edwards about becoming X-Division Champion at Bound for Glory and the celebration he’s going to throw when he finally wins. Alisha teases she may show up to the party if he manages to win.

Great video package aired recapping the rivalry between Ken Shamrock and Moose heading into their match at BFG.

3) RICH SWANN def. RHINO and JOSH ALEXANDER in a triple threat match. This was a bit of controlled chaos as all three guys had their tag team partners out at ringside. Rhino should have won but Ethan Page pulled the referee out of the ring. Things broke down and Swann hit the 450 to pin Alexander. After the match the two challenging teams started fighting and getting in each other’s faces, as The North left happy with putting cracks in the relationship between the two babyface teams.

4) ROHIT RAJU and SABU fought to a double count-out. This was not good. They also didn’t really clarify that it was a No DQ match and yet Sabu beat him up with a chair, Super Genie got involved, and they both went through a table.

Tessa Blanchard talked about her mission to rid the world of oVe. I may be paraphrasing. She says she’s not scared of Sunday’s ladder match or having to face four men in one match, and will win the X-Division title at BFG.

5) MAHABALI SHEERA won a battle royal. The gimmick here was the winner got the final spot in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match at BFG, and whoever was the runner-up had to enter the match first. Also in the battle royal was both of The Deaners, Jessicka Havok, Jordynne Grace, Johnny Swinger, Kiera Hogan, Raj Singh, Rosemary, Adam Thornstowe, Eddie Edwards and probably a few I’m forgetting. Sheera won by last eliminating Eddie, so that’s your #1 and #20 entrants at BFG.

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