NXT Takeover in San Jose might be rescheduled due to Saudi Arabian show

The solo NXT Takeover event that was supposed to take place on June 8th from San Jose might be delayed due to the Saudi show on June 7th according to According to Dave Meltzer:
“TakeOver is supposed to be June 8, but since the Saudi show is June 7, the San Jose TakeOver… it hasn’t been announced, but I was told today because I’ve been asking for weeks and no one’s said anything that it does not look like the San Jose TakeOver will take place on that day,” Meltzer said.
He added that WWE will likely still have the TakeOver show take place, just at a later date.
“Now it still may be in San Jose like a week later, you know whatever it is,” he said. “They’re doing tapings this Wednesday and Thursday they’re taping NXT and that will be all the stuff through the next TakeOver so they’re gonna have to know and make a decision so Wednesday or Thursday when they do TV they’ll have to announce it, but yeah I was told if they go to Saudi Arabia then they’re not gonna do it on the next day at least the way things are scheduled right now.”Click Here: cheap converse men low top shoes

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