PSG donate €100k to fight COVID-19

PSG have announced today that they will be making a €100k donation to fight COVID-19, through the vehicle of the charity Secours Populaire Francais.

The donation will be split into achieving four different things:

Provide aid to “SPF Doctors” through the funding of health protection and hygiene equipment for the training of 2,000 volunteers in areas of information capacity, answering questions and communicating key information 


Aid to out-of-school and lonely children through the funding of 5,000 educational kits consisting of school equipment, games and fun activities


Funding to help nearly 900 homeless people through providing regular food and hygiene products


Click Here: Arsenal Jersey SaleFunding for the elderly or people who are alone by delivering 10,000 food parcels to their homes, hygiene products and ensuring that they have someone to talk to

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