Schumacher name a burden for Mick, says Villeneuve

Mick Schumacher looks like he’s on a path to Formula 1 with the 17-year-old drawing interest from Ferrari and Mercedes, but former world champion Jacques Villeneuve says Mick will have some awfully big shoes to fill.

Obviously, as the son of Formula 1’s most successful driver, Mick Schumacher will find many open doors to facilitate his entry into the big time but it will also take some solid mental strength to cope with the expectations bestowed upon him, says Villeneuve who knows a thing or two about bearing a famous name.

“It’s a different day and age from when I got into racing with all the social media and the marketing that goes behind it, which seems to be 10 times more than the driving part,” Villeneuve told Sky Sports News HQ.

“So it would be very, very hard on him, mostly because his father was many times world champion – and not so long ago.

“So not a lot of time has passed by. It would be a lot of weight to carry, but mentally if he can carry that then a lot of doors will open.”

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Schumacher Jr. has already said that his ultimate goal is to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. But there will be inevitable roadblocks to dodge along the way warns the 1997 world champion.

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“If he’s really passionate then he has to go for it. He has to understand that it will come with hurdles.

“There will be a lot of doors open, but once the is door is open they can close very quickly and more easily for other drivers.

“All the media and the fans will look at him as if he is already an experienced driver when he’s not. That’s the big difference.”

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