Twitter Users Say ‘Thanks Trudeau’ To Praise, Critique PM After Trump Tweet

Remember “Thanks Obama”? You know, the meme that started as a right-wing critique of U.S. president Barack Obama and eventually turned into a light-hearted way to shift the blame for everything from traffic jams to difficult-to-open jars onto the 44th president.

Just miss your bus? Thanks, Obama.

Raining outside? Thanks, Obama.

Run out of dip before you run out of chips? Thanks, Obama. 

On Friday, Twitter users gave the popular phrase a Canadian twist, with the hashtag #ThanksTrudeau trending throughout the day.

The tag popped up after the current U.S. president, Donald Trump, blamed Trudeau for the CBC editing his cameo out of a broadcast of the movie “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.”

However, on Thursday, CBC noted that the broadcast version of the film was edited in 2014, well-before either Trump or Trudeau were leading their respective countries. 

Trump’s inference that something that had nothing to do with Trudeau was Trudeau’s fault inspired Canadian Twitter users to blame Trudeau for their own small troubles. 

Others sarcastically used the hashtag to point out the Liberal government’s shortcomings.


Still others, perhaps not as up-to-date on the memes, used it to genuinely thank the prime minister and compare him to Trump.

It seems no one can agree on what “Thanks Trudeau” actually means.

 So, thanks Trudeau, for an interesting day on the internet, at least. 


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