WATCH: John Cena Cuts Epic Promo Responding to The Rock ‘Threatening’ Him with a Toothbrush

As noted, The Rock appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” earlier this week, and talked about the real-life rivalry between him and John Cena, and how it has grown from a rivalry to them being actual friends.

John Cena appeared on the show last night, and you can check out the appearance in the video above. During the appearance, Kimmel brought up a “threat” The Rock directed at Cena on the show this week, and Cena cut a hilarious promo in response. Cena said if The Rock thinks threatening to shove a toothbrush up his butt is a threat, wait until he sees “Blockers”, as he has an actual beer funnel up there. Cena goes on to describe his “bottom” in much fuller detail, finally warning The Rock he does not want to smell what Cena is cooking down there.

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Below is another clip from Cena’s appearance on the show:

John talks about his new movie Blockers, their 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and reveals that his dad who is a wrestler/wrestling promoter used his name to get people to come to local WWE shows.

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