WWE Smackdown Results (10/24): Orton vs Zayn, Survivor Series Teams Begin to Form, More!

WWE Smackdown Results
October 24, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for


Shane McMahon is out to kick off the show to a mixed reaction from the fans. It appears that not everyone is happy with his actions this week. He explained that “strike first” is something he learned from his father, and Kurt Angle brought it on himself by bragging about how much superior the Raw brand was. The crowd chanted “under siege” as Shane said that we better believe Smackdown will be ready for any and all retaliation. 

Sami Zayn sarcastically danced his way to the ring, and told Shane “no hard feelings” about Hell in a Cell. McMahon said there were serious hard feelings, but they’ll cover that at a later time because they have business to get to. Sami claimed it was a good thing that Shane was here as the Commissioner and not as a competitor, because he would drop him in one second and leave him hurting worse than he was at Hell in a Cell. He said that after some consideration, he and his best friend Kevin Owens have decided that they’ll “selflessly” accept a role on Team Smackdown and put the brand on their shoulders just like they’ve always done. Shane said he doesn’t want or need either of them at Survivor Series, but since he’s looking at the bigger picture he’ll give them an opportunity. If Sami is able to win his match tonight he’ll earn a spot on the team. And that opponent is… “The Viper” Randy Orton! 


It’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods competing for The New Day with The Usos on commentary as Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Shelton Benjamin had a nice back and forth exchange with Kingston, countering monkey flips and trying to one-up each other. Woods tags in and they light up Shelton with a series of a half dozen splashes. Gable pulled the ropes down and sent Kofi flying to the floor, and in a hilarious spot Big E ran over and pulled cereal out of his trunks, trying to revive his partner. After a commercial break it was all Benjamin in control putting the boots to his opponent. Woods got the hot tag and cleaned house, flying around the ring in a series of great moves, but the momentum didn’t last long. Benjamin took a cheap shot on the apron with a kick between the shoulder blades, and Gable rolled him up for three. 

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Winners: Benjamin & Gable

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