Sheamus Reveals He Wants Cesaro To Become A World Champion

During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Sheamus spoke highly about his tag team partner, admitting he wants to see him be World Champion.

Sheamus stated that he wants Cesaro to be World Champion more than he wants to become a Grand Slam Champion:

“I’ve always said, at least in the last couple of years, one title I haven’t won is the Intercontinental Title. But I’d rather see (Cesaro) win the (World Title) than me win the Intercontinental Title. I’d rather see him be the World Champion. He deserves it.”

He went on to say that it is down to the fans to make that happen:

Sheamus. “It’s up to the fans. They make that decision. When they make enough noise about anything, the brass have to listen. It’s just the way it is. Becky, Kofi. Getting to see (Cesaro), any of his singles matches tear it up. No one hits harder or works harder. I’m jealous when we’re in the ring and I watch him do the athletic stuff. Not only is he athletic but he’s probably the strongest guy, pound-for-pound in WWE, and the most innovative as well. And no one has more passion than him.”

You can see the full interview below, and please H/T for any quotes used.

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