Water pump failure puts Verstappen race in jeopardy!

There was frantic activity in the Red Bull Racing garage around Max Verstappen’s car just 60 minutes before the start of the Russian Grand Prix.

A water pump failure, the second in succession forced the Red Bull mechanics to jump into action as they raced to repair the component with no time for a replacement.

“The guy’s have managed to come up with a fix for it,” team boss Christian Horner told Sky Sports.

“It’s the second pump to do it in a row now so obviously they are working hard to make sure that it’s race fit.”

Verstappen was scheduled to race with a new engine in Sochi but the team reverted last night to an older power unit.

“Max has gone back onto his old engine thats’ done the first three Grand Prix. It had a new water pump on it, that had a leak. Another water pump went on and that’s had an issue as well but hoepfully they’ve managed to fix it.

“Hats off to the guys who have worked flat out to do all this work.”

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